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Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Service Do you need to hire a cleaning service?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

5 Things to Look For When Choosing a House Cleaner Service

If you were an average married woman in 1965, you would have spent 32 hours a week doing housework. Fast-forward over 50 years, where the average American (man or woman) spends just 6 hours per week cleaning their home. For many families, that’s simply all the time they have to devote to cleaning.

Between working full-time jobs, caring for kids and pets, and finding a bit of time to relax, house cleaning often gets put on the backburner. If this sounds like your situation, it might be time to consider a professional house cleaner service. Rather than spending your evenings or weekends dusting and mopping, you can spend time doing things you truly want to do. But before you type “house cleaner service near me” into Google, you need to know what to look for. After all, you don’t want to invite just any random person into your home! Keep reading for the most important things to look for in house cleaning services. Signs You’ve Found a Good House Cleaner Service. The average person will dedicate 61 days of their life to vacuuming and 69 days to scrubbing the bathroom. Wouldn’t you rather spend those 130 days enjoying quality time with your family? Use the tips below to find a reputable house cleaning service that will free up your time and do the “dirty work” for you.

1. Stellar Reviews & Reputation

Start your search by asking for referrals from family and friends. Which house cleaner service do they use? Are they happy with their work?The next best things to personal recommendations are reviews and testimonials. Go online and check Google, Yelp, the BBB, and other local review sites in your area. Don’t rely solely on testimonials from the company’s website—make sure to check third-party review sites too. As you research different cleaning services, look for reviews that have positive things to say about their: Trustworthiness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Availability, Work ethic, Cleaning skills. No company is perfect, but you should see a general pattern of positive reviews. Keep in mind that one negative review from a disgruntled customer isn’t necessarily enough to discredit the entire company. Bonus tip: Another sign of a good cleaning service is one that gives back to the community.

2. Excellent Communication

Skills From the very first email or phone call, you should feel a nice rapport with the house cleaner. Before you discuss quotes or schedule a walk-through, use the initial contact to get a feel for their business. Write down a list of questions to ask, such as: How do you set your rates (by the service, hourly, flat fee)? Is your company bonded and insured? How long have you been in business? Do you run background checks on your employees? What cleaning products do you use (and who supplies them)? Who will come to my home, and how will they access it? What should I do with my pets? Pay attention to not only their answers but the way they communicate. Do they seem warm, friendly, genuine? Will you feel comfortable handing this person the key to your home?

3. Fully Bonded & Insured

What happens if someone gets injured while cleaning your home? What if something you own gets damaged, broken, or goes missing?If you hire a cleaning service that isn’t insured and bonded, you won’t have any legal protection if something goes wrong. A reputable company will not only have these but will happily supply the proof upon request.

4. A Variety of Service Offerings

Are you looking for general maintenance cleaning every week or a few times a month? Do you need a more thorough deep cleaning in the springtime or before a move-out? Make sure you know exactly what services you need before you start making calls. The best cleaning companies will have flexible options that you can tailor to the needs of your home and family.

5. Employees vs. Independent Workers

It’s important to know that many cleaning services fail to screen their workers or run background checks before hiring. Others take a casual attitude about who they hire and may allow a worker to bring their friend/cousin/neighbor with them on the job. The truth is that you never know what you’re going to get if you hire independent cleaners. You can’t be sure about who you’re letting into your home (or who they might bring with them). There’s no guarantee you’ll get the same cleaners each time or the same quality of work. Look for a home cleaning service that conducts thorough screenings and background checks on every person they hire. It’s not worth the risk otherwise! Go With Your Gut (Always)Remember, the goal of hiring a house cleaner service is to give you back your: Time, Energy and Peace of mind If you don’t have full confidence that the company you’re considering will give you these things, you need to keep looking. Don’t stop asking questions until you’re 100% satisfied. Be honest about your needs and listen carefully to the responses. What if something feels “off” or you’re just not comfortable? Trust your gut and move on to the next company on your list. Do You Need a House Cleaning Service? Just like you wouldn’t entrust your healthcare to a random doctor you found in the phone book, you shouldn’t entrust your home to just any house cleaner service. Make sure that any company you’re considering has a solid reputation and good communication skills. They should be bonded and insured and offer a variety of cleaning services. The best house cleaning services also screen and hire their workers as employees.

As you’re searching for the right house cleaner service for you, remember to always trust your gut! If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a sparkling clean home.

Could All shine house cleaning Service be the company you’ve been looking for? Give us a call at (804)651-3560 or use our to get in touch.

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